Ray of enterprises from a gifted land.
Indus Global Superabrasives is rooted in the many-splendoured soil of India. A nation which has a long association with the diamond industry, not only as the land that gave us world famous precious gems, but also home to millions of skilled craftsmen and diamond cutters. India is a home to modern processing industry with its harmonious mix of expert diamond cutters, latest technology and technicians and an elaborate marketing machinery. It is here that one of India's pioneering industrial diamond companies Indus Global Superabrasives, took shape back in 1970s. A family managed concerned that draws upon the virtues of a well-knit family driven approach of caring and servicing each individual client with unconditional attention, irrespective of the volume and value of business. A warm personalized touch to business rather than cold professionalism is its greatest asset and single biggest explanation to the fact that 'once an Indus Global client, always an Indus Global client.
  The Making of a pioneer.

A pioneer in natural industrial diamonds, Indus Global Superabrasives boasts a good three decades of experience in supplying natural industrial diamonds to modern industry. In the 1990s, the company turned its attention to Synthetic Industrial Diamonds and today, occupies an enviable position in this fast progressing field. Today, the company has emerged as a leading supplier of a comprehensive range of superabrasive products such as : Natural & Synthetic Industrial Diamond Grits, Powders & Microns; Natural Raw & Processed Stones for specialized tools; Natural Diamond Stones for Wire Drawing Dies; cubic Boron Nitride (cBN) Powders & Microns; Poly-cyrstalline cubic Boron Nitride (PcBN), Poly-crystalline Diamonds (PCD); etc.

Providing each and every customer with world class material at lowest possible prices is the only motto of the company. Extensive & continuous research & development enables it to provide the customers with products of advanced technology & manufacturing processes. Elaborate cost reduction techniques are used at every stage, so as to maintain a balance between cost reduction and quality upgradation and provide for money to the customers.

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